"A Healthy Mind In A Healthy Body"

My true passion in exercise and healthy living started at the age of 16 – since then it has been my aim to pass on my experience and help people around me.

First, fitness was my hobby, then, when my knowledge and personal experience grew, I decided to make my passion my career: I studied fitness science in London, where I started teaching group and personal classes for various gyms and top studios. 
I am a specialist in fat reduction and have built a track record in helping to sculpt, tone and transform bodies.

I inspire and encourage my clients to be the best they can be through innovative exercise techniques, customized training routines built around individual requirements and nutritional advice.

I moved to Moscow from London and in May 2018 I started the BootCamp With Rez project - high-intensity outdoor training, providing unique social experience to keep motivational levels high.


In November 2018 I opened REZультат Fitness Studio, specialized at functional & Pilates training in mini-groups and individually,

REZультат Fitness Studio unites people, having conscious attitude towards their health and physical condition and I'm always there to help, guide and support.

We are not aiming to get fast and hasty results, our REZультат (result) - is enhancing body strength, functionality, flexibility, balance and overall tone which REZults in better quality of everyday life! 



Level 3 Certified Personal Trainer, 2011, London, UK

Level 2 Certified Fitness Instructor, 2011, London, UK

Group Fitness Course, 2011, London, UK

Suspension Training Course, 2012, London, UK